Canadian Maintenance Schedule


The Honda Maintenance Minder System: Helping Honda owners keep maintenance costs in check.



What it is:

The Maintenance Minder system (MM) found in your Honda vehicle is an algorithm that our Honda Factory Engineers programmed into your vehicles’ computer that monitors a number of variables to determine when the time is right for you to bring your Honda in for a Genuine Honda Oil Change. When the remaining service life of your engine oil reaches 15%, you will be alerted on your dashboard by a "service due soon" message. Along with this message, a Main Item (see below) indicating the required service type will appear. Depending on the mileage at the time of your required oil change, additional required maintenance items indicated by a numeric Sub-Item (see below) will also appear. These sub symbols are accumulated between oil change intervals in order to make it convenient for you to properly maintain your Honda.


Understanding MM and following the recommended Honda Maintenance Schedule is the best way to to keep your maintenance costs at a reasonable level and ensure a happy and lengthy Honda ownership experience.


Every Honda owner has different driving characteristics, which means each has their own unique service requirements. To guarantee the job is done right to meet your specific needs, your Honda Dealer will use only Genuine Honda Parts installed by Honda Factory Trained Technicians who know your Honda better than anyone else. As the primary goal of MM is to ensure you're maintaining the car as needed, your Honda Technician will reset the Maintenance Minder according to the type of service you have completed on your Honda. Doing so, confirms the required work was actually done, and allows the system to clearly determine the next maintenance items required at your next service visit.


MM does NOT monitor engine oil level, so checking your engine oil to ensure it’s at the right level is a good habit to form. MM also does NOT monitor brake pad thickness, brake fluid condition, or tire tread depth (for tire rotation purposes). When you MM calls for these Sub Items, Auto House Honda will inspect these things free of charge and will only proceed with the maintenance on as “as needed” basis.


For further details, please speak to your Honda Dealer. For model specific pricing please refer to


Example/Range below:


$79 - $96 *6


Factory Recommended Maintenance


• Replace engine oil *1



$92 - $102 *6


Factory Recommended Maintenance


• Replace engine oil *1 and oil filter



$45 *6


Factory Recommended Maintenance


• Rotate tires: Inspect for wear and adjust pressure.



$110 - $128 *6


Factory Recommended Maintenance


• Replace air cleaner element *2

• Replace dust and pollen filter *3                          • Inspect drive belt


$130 - $550 *6


Factory Recommended Maintenance


• Replace transmission fluid *4


$520 - 1470 *6


Factory Recommended Maintenance


• Replace spark plugs

• Inspect valve clearance


$125 *6


Factory Recommended Maintenance


• Replace engine coolant



$85 - 105 *6


Factory Recommended Maintenance


• Replace the rear differential fluid (if equipped)



$133 *6


Factory Recommended Maintenance


• Replace the brake fluid.



$197 - 201 *6


Factory Recommended Maintenance


• Service front and rear brakes

• Tie rod ends, steering gearbox, and boots

• Suspension components

• Driveshaft boots


• Brake hoses and lines (including ABS/VSA®)

• All fluid levels and condition of fluids

• Exhaust system

• Fuel lines and connections


Notes: *1: If a Maintenance Minder message does not appear more than 12 months after the display is reset, change the engine oil every year. *2: If you drive in dusty conditions, replace the air cleaner element every 24,000 km (15,000 miles). *3: If you drive primarily in urban areas that have high concentrations of soot in the air from industry and from diesel-powered vehicles, replace the dust and pollen filter every 24,000 km (15,000 miles). *4: Continuously variable transmission models Driving in mountainous areas at very low vehicle speeds results in higher transmission temperatures. This requires transmission fluid changes more frequently than recommended by the Maintenance Minder. If you regularly drive your vehicle under these conditions,  have the transmission fluid changed every 40,000 km (25,000 miles).  *S:   If a Maintenance Minder message does not  appear more than 36 months a er the display    for item 7 is reset, change the brake fluid every 3 years. See information on maintenance   and emissions warranty.  *6 Please refer to for your specific model pricing